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Exhibitionists: Road to the RHA

Exhibitionists: Road to the RHA is an hour-long documentary directed by Hilary Fennell for RTE One, following seven artists who are hoping to have work selected from the competitive open call. Out of over 2,500 works submitted to the open call only 300 or so are selected. For the first time ever, cameras have been allowed behind-the-scenes at the 196-year-old Royal Hibernian Academy, including access to the judging process for the exhibition fondly known as ‘The Annual’.

Link: Exhibitionists on RTE player

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Globally today, well over 1,000 wrongly convicted, incarcerated and exonerated people, are trying to put their stolen lives back together. Wrenched from their families, homes and communities, the wrongfully convicted suffer many forms of psychological trauma as a result of their imprisonment. Their problems are exacerbated upon release, where they struggle to reintegrate into society, reclaim normality, and carve out a stable existence. “Fallout” shows that the stigma of prison hovers over an innocent person almost as much as the guilty, and is part of an international effort to change this situation.

Link: Fallout on BBC

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Anseo i Lár an Ghleanna

Since the foundation of our state, townlands and villages all across the western seaboard have been decimated by state neglect and in turn emigration. One of these townlands is Loch Con Aortha, situated at the foot of the impressive Cnoc Mordán in Conamara. Since the 1970’s the vigour of a vibrant close knit community, and it’s ancient folk culture have vanished, now life itself is disappearing from the village to the point it seems 21st century Ireland holds no place for it in its future. In this documentary, Anseo i lár an Ghleanna, director Seán Ó Cualáin tells the plight of his village, as its inhabitants realize that they themselves cannot save the village, but perhaps they can save its heritage. Above is the opening theme.

Link: TG4 Player

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Photo City

This Documentary Film directed by John Murphy and Traolach Ó Murchú had its premier at the IFI as part of the Audi Dublin International Film Festival. It was funded by The Arts Council of Ireland under the Reel Art scheme.
Home to the Kodak company for over 125 years, Rochester, New York is a city uniquely defined by photography. ‘Photo City’ focuses on the lives of the city’s photographic and creative community as they struggle to maintain a link to their analogue past and to forge an identity in this new digital age. The film is a kind of ode to photography and I thoroughly enjoyed working on music with photography as a central theme. Above is the trailer.

Link: Photo City

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The Pet Surgeons

The Pet Surgeons follows daily life in Gilabbey, an Irish animal hospital. A 6 part series for RTÉ1 TV,
the show is mainly warm and cuddly, like most of the pets that feature. Seriously impressive work they do in Gilabbey too.
Above is the trailer.

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Puck of the Irish